Industrial Guttering

Over time, Industrial Guttering can become overloaded with severe rain storms that occur in today’s climate. Debris can damage the gutters or dilapidation from corrosion can occur.

As a result, from weathering and general wear and tear, these gutter linings can become damaged and if not treated correct, this can become a catastrophic leak creating health and safety risks to any electrics below.

If you are experiencing industrial or commercial gutter leaks, look no further!

We carry out all types of industrial & commercial gutter repair & maintenance. With Nationwide reach and coverage of all industrial & commercial roof repair issues, we offer a one stop shop for all your roofing problems.

Over time, whether it made of metal, concrete or asbestos, your gutter will start to degrade.

A considerable amount of roof leaks we repair and investigate are identified as gutter leaks as a result of rusting and more commonly joint sealant deterioration.

Simple regular maintenance can prevent early deterioration.

Industrial Guttering – What We Do:

We carry out all aspects of guttering works, cleaning, patch repairs or even installing a plygene gutter liner.

‘Gutterline’ is a flexible waterproof membrane, pre-formed to fit into existing gutters. The installation is completed using standard outlets and stop-end plates, hot air welded to the main membrane in situ.

Leaking guttering is the most common cause of water ingress in commercial buildings. Leaking joints or a steel gutter completely rusting through are the most common problems.

Due to the wide variety of gutter types and sizes we offer a range of commercial guttering services including renewal, gutter lining and gutter cleaning.

In certain circumstances it may not be possible to fit a liner into the gutter, we may however be able to coat the gutter with a high performance water proofing treatment or even carry out localised repairs.

Box section or half round eaves guttering can be replaced with either new metal or PVC guttering complete with all necessary outlets and fittings and if required new down-pipes.

Industrial Guttering & flashing services include:

  • Steel gutter fiberglass coating
  • Asbestos gutter lining & coating
  • Concrete (Atcost building) gutter repairs, sealing & lining
  • Gutter cleaning & ongoing maintenance
  • Box gutter repairs & replacement
  • Cut edge corrosion
  • Contracting works
  • Localised gutter leak repair
  • Common gutter & flashing issues
  • Metal gutter oxidisation (rusting)
  • 10-year guarantee on full repair work

No matter how often you clean & clear your gutters from dirt and debris, the steel will inevitably start to rust. Once left too long, small holes may appear. This is a simple fix, so give us a call before it gets worse.

Leaks on overlap seals

Where each section of gutter meets the next, a rubber seal is fixed between to stop water ingress. With expansion, contraction and age this seal will start to leak. Another simple fix if treated straight away.

Bolt washer or sealant failure

When a flashing is installed, sealant and bolts are used to seal and secure it. UV light and expansion will eventually degrade the seal, allowing water ingress. The flashing must be replaced, don’t just opt for a bit of sealant to save on cost as it wont last and could cause further problems.

Unifold Gutter Lining

Manufactured from an EPDM membrane which is pressure bonded to a galvanized and organically coated steel substrate. During the bonding process the hinges are formed that give the product its unique flexibility and ability to enter the most difficult of gutter cavities and to maximise the available space. It is manufactured in 2.8 metre lengths that are easily handled so installation is both quick and easy. Coming with a 25 year guarantee you can be left with piece of mind that the gutters will no longer leak.

Gutter Coating

There are many single component silicone coating for gutter repair or coating. Often used just on the gutter joints there are systems available that carry 10-year guarantees. Gutter coatings offer a seamless weatherproofing solution to protect against future ingress.

Gutter Replacement / Renewal

In some cases, your gutters may be deteriorated to a condition where the only solution is to remove and replace them. We can manufacture site specific gutters and install them to the highest standards ensuring all rainwater from your roof can flow freely away from the building.

Weatherfast Gutter Liner

Manufactured using a 1.2mm Fatra PVC membrane bonded to 0.6mm steel substrate. This gutter liner is ideal for all gutter refurbishment works, due to the hinges being flexible this liner can easily adapt to all profiles. Bonded with hot air welding there is no need for naked flames. Coming with up to a 30 year guarantee you can be left with piece of mind that the gutters will no longer leak.

Thermoplastic Liner

A thermoplastic, durable, hard-wearing and flexible liner that is creased to match the profile of the existing gutter. All stop ends, corners and outlets are manufactured site specifically to enable a complete system. Installed with no joints this is a seamless system. This also carries guarantees in excess of 20 years.

Industrial Guttering Repair & Maintenance

Are your industrial & plygene gutters damaged or blocked or in need of new guttering liner? Or just need of maintenance? Whatever your problem, our gutter renewal, lining and cleaning services will stop leaks, protect your building and save you money.

Guttering Systems Renewal

Sometimes gutters are that badly damaged or have leaking gutter joints, they are beyond repair. We can provide gutter renewal in a range of materials, whether it be PVC, colour coated steel or galvanised steel. Our expert surveyors will be able to recommend the best solution for the job.

Gutter Lining

Another option is to line your gutters with a gutter lining system. We use a number of gutter lining systems including Uni-fold and Plygene. Gutter lining systems allow you to retain the existing gutter, meaning internal disruption is kept to a minimum.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is the most straightforward way to combat gutter problems. Regular maintenance of gutters will ensure they are clear of debris and free flowing. Allowing them to work as originally intended. Proactive gutter cleaning helps prevent costly repairs and damage to products.

Industrial Painters specialise in repairing or replacing gutters. We can ensure the correct solution can be applied to your problem, to suit your budget and timescale. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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