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Replacing or covering the existing roof sheeting and cladding of a commercial or industrial building can instantly transform its appearance as well as eliminating any leaks, insulation or pest problems. There are numerous advantages for using this process, energy efficiency, increased thermal value, improved light transmission and enhancing the buildings overall cosmetic looks.

Strip off existing and re-sheet

Existing sheets can be removed from commercial and industrial buildings in an environmentally safe manner and disposed of in accordance with current health and safety guidelines.

The removal of the old sheeting or cladding will reveal the existing steel work of the building. This essentially provides a blank canvas to which new roof or cladding sheets can be installed.

Over cladding

Sometimes it isn’t practical to remove the existing tired old roof sheeting or cladding from an industrial or commercial property.

A cost effective solution is to simply over clad the building.

Our industrial roofing contractors will keep the existing roof covering and cladding will remain in place while works are carried out, meaning that there will be minimal disruption to normal workplace operations during remedial work.

A simple cavity forming spacer will be fixed into place on top of the existing structure which will allow new sheets or cladding to be fixed into place, covering the old.

Single Ply Roofing Services

We install single ply roofing systems from a range of UK suppliers.

Our flat roof industrial roofing contractors are fully trained to install a number of single ply membrane systems. Single ply roofing systems offer solutions for flat roof structures. They can be installed in a number of different ways from fully bonded to a substrate or insulation layer, mechanically fastened or loose laid under ballet or paving to suit a client specification. These materials offer a level of design freedom achieving complex roof shapes and detailing. Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of man made components. The joints are heat welded to form continuous waterproof, air tight construction.

Single ply membranes are lightweight, flexible and allow for fast installation. Single ply systems eliminate the need for a hot flame, significantly reducing the risk of a fire during installation.

From health and safety perspective they offer flame free installation through hot air welding or adhesive fixing, and meet building regulations with project specific calculated levels of insulation.

Some of the benefits of single ply membrane:

  • Available in a range of colours
  • Flame free installation using hot air welding, adhesives and fasteners
  • High thermal performance can be achieved using lightweight, thermally efficient rigid insulation
  • Effective control of air leakage to meet new energy efficiency regulations
  • Can be installed with guarantees from 10 – 25 years.

Composite Roof Cladding

Composite roofing is exactly how it sounds, a pre-made all-encompassing panel designed to simplify the speed of roof installation. Composite roof panels offer the benefit of a quick and efficient installation to minimise any disruption to the premises being installed on. Providing consistent insulation throughout the roof area a composite panel can be used in either a new roof situation or a refurbishment over-clad. With a wide range of thickness’ and profiles available the finish can be tailored to suit each client’s preference. Roof-lights can also be incorporated to maximise the natural light to within the premises.

Roof Twin – Skin Built Up

An alternative to composite panelling is a twin-skin or built-up system of cladding. Since its introduction into the commercial and industrial roofing trade, the built up system has been known as a flexible and diverse alternative to traditional composite panelling. The built up system, also known as twin-skin cladding, is installed in a similar way to the composite system using a liner sheet base, insulating core and aluminium or coated steel top sheets to finish. The liner sheets in particular have a number of benefits for the average industrial and commercial building owner and are just one individual roof component used in this system that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Felt Roofing

Our industrial roofing contractors concept is that felt roof systems are designed to achieve one purpose, that the flat roof is waterproof, durable and cost effective. Advanced felt technology provide non-tear qualities and modified bitumen’s impart excellent elasticity. Backed up by a comprehensive guarantee you have the added confidence of a quality, built-to-last installation.

Modified bitumen systems can be one, two or three layer systems often incorporating insulation within their build up. They are factory manufactured into rolls for ease of application and are usually adhered using hot bitumen, adhesive or peel and stick applications. Cap sheets are generally secured by torch-on application using a standard roofer’s torch. The membranes should be heated carefully ensuring the heat dispersal film on the underside is completely removed as work proceeds to achieve the required adhesion.

Advantaged of using modified bitumen systems:

  • Excellent flexibility in extreme weather conditions due to the high tensile strength.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • Manufactured in rolls for ease of application.
  • Factory-manufactured to ensure quality control.
  • Accommodate movement of the building.
  • Variety of surface finished that resist oxidation and damage from UV rays.

We carry out a range of felt roofing systems including, single layer, multi layer and insulated build ups. We can provide systems that are both hot and cold applied felt roofing systems.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing can come in many different forms and with each site having specific needs it is important that the right system is picked for each specific project and each individual client. It may be that you have existing roofs that are felt, asphalt or a single membrane and are causing you problems. We are specialists in most systems and are therefore happy to work alongside all clients to ensure that the most suitable and cost-effective systems are identified for each individual project, if it is a repair or to replace then we will always use the most suitable system. We don’t believe that “one size fits all” and it is important that all site-specific circumstances are taken into consideration when specifications are written.


Liquid applied roofing systems are suitable for a wide range of refurbishment projects or new build. Considering the needs of each client would dictate which system was specified. Working with many of the top manufacturers we can specify a suitable system for each project ensuring it is the most cost-effective solution to extend the life of your premises with many manufacturers offering guarantees of 25yrs +.

The systems we supply are compatible with most surfaces including timber, asphalt, felt single membranes and metal. Ideal if your site has a ‘no flame’ policy systems are cold-applied and don’t require the use of gas torches or naked flames. Insulation can be incorporated into all systems to improve the thermal performance of your premises and comply with current building regulations. Our engineers are fully trained by the manufacturers in all systems we would specify.

Hot Melt – Structural Waterproofing

Hot melt structural waterproofing is an inverted fully monolithic reinforced rubberised bitumen, poured directly on to the concrete deck and is designed for the lifetime of the building. This is used in such areas as Podiums, warm roofs, green roofs and ballasted using either river washed cobbles or paving slabs. The benefits of these systems are, lightweight, durable, robust, self-healing and the fast install times assist in quick programme times.

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing

Cold applied liquid is simple to install and curing times can be controlled by adding catalyst powder to the tin, this makes them suitable for various applications such as, balconies, terrace, walkways and flat roofing. We offer both PUR and PMMA liquids which are wet on wet, seamless, completely reinforced and flame free.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion commonly starts as edge peel at the cut edges of a metal sheet. It develops through normal weathering mainly at overlaps and eaves and accelerates through capillary water held in the lap. Pre-finished manufactured roof sheets are cut to length to suit each building or project specifics. Cut edge corrosion usually occurs and can be quite severe in those areas and can cause the sheet coating to de-laminate from the sheet and therefore allowing corrosion to begin. Edge corrosion is a progressive problem and, if detected early (possibly from a planned maintenance, Survey or reactive visit) and effectively treated can prevent costly future roof sheet replacement or future ingress. Cut edge corrosion is commonly included in dilapidation reports when handing back premises to a landlord.

If sheets are damaged from foot traffic or poor installation it is possible for the roof sheet lap to allow ingress via a capillary reaction, again if identified early this can be treated with many of the sheet lap systems available and preventing on-going ingress.

There are many different systems available and we are trained and competent in all leading systems enabling us to recommend the correct solution dependant on each site or clients specific circumstances.

Many of the systems we provide carry a guarantee of 10 years+.

Asbestos Roofing Services

What is the problem with asbestos roofs?

Along with the well documented health risks associated with asbestos fibres, asbestos roofs are now reaching the end of their product life. This means roof sheets may be in poor condition, leading to roof leaks and causing head aches over the best way to manage roof problems.

What are my options?

Asbestos should be managed in buildings as per Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, an asbestos survey will give you an indication on the condition of your roof. We offer a range of asbestos roofing solutions to suit both your operational needs and your budget.

Asbestos Strip and Re-sheet

You could be putting your employees at risk if there’s damaged asbestos cement in your building. We can help you improve your onsite health and safety by stripping this harmful material and replacing it with a new roof.

Because stripping and re-sheeting improves energy efficiency and air-tightness, it will help you save money on heating your building and improve natural light.

Stripping and re-sheeting makes your building look better from both the outside and inside. And you can let more natural daylight in by adding new translucent roof panels.

Before replacing your asbestos roof, you need to think about…

The condition of your existing support frames – these will need to be assessed to make sure they’re suitable for a new roofing system

The disruptions it could cause to processes being carried out below the working area.

Benefits of replacing asbestos roofing include:

  • Making your workplace safer
  • Cuts down on energy costs
  • An easy way to improve the look of your building

Asbestos Over-clad

Lets you get on with business

The last thing you want is for your work to slow down or even stop when an industrial roofing job is going on. Our over-sheeting service lets you get on with business to make sure you don’t lose money.

A fast installation with no disruptions

We keep your existing roof and put a spacer bar in place to support the new roof covering. This way we can quickly refurbish your building onsite without disrupting your business.

Helps you save money on energy bills

We can add insulation between your two roofs to reduce heat loss. With a more energy efficient building, you can help to cut down energy costs.

Adds value to your business

As well as making your business look better, over-sheeting can help to increase the value of your property.

Asbestos Roof Repair and Gutter Cleaning

Small crack, large impact

Sometimes even a small crack or hole in an asbestos cement sheet can cause major problems for a business, due to damaged stock or health and safety hazards.

Asbestos Roof Repair Service

We can offer a repair for your asbestos roof problems. Although we do not recommend repair work as a long term option if you have a troublesome leak we can find a solution to your problem.

Asbestos Gutter Cleaning

We have various innovate systems that allow us to safely clean out asbestos cement gutters. Asbestos gutter cleaning and planned maintenance is a sure fire way to keep your business dry.

Industrial Roof Maintenance

Leaking roofs on roofing or cladding can cause a number of issues; health and safety risks, damaged stock, interruptions to day-to-day work and even shutdowns, to name a few. Our maintenance service, repair and cleaning will help you stop leaks, save money, plan for the future and get on with what matters to your business.

Industrial Roof Maintenance contracts

Our industrial roofing contractors maintenance service involves a detailed survey of your site and a report on areas that need urgent attention, short-term maintenance or long-term budgeting. The report also comes complete with site pictures of problematic areas of your site.

Saves you money on future repairs

If your building isn’t maintained regularly, you could face expensive repairs later on. Our preventative maintenance service stops leaks before they happen. So you end up reducing costs long term.

Helps you plan long term

As industrial roofing contractors, we advise you from the outset on what areas of your site need long-term maintenance, which helps you budget for the future.

Emergency Repair

If you have an urgent roofing issue, our industrial roofing contractors provide an emergency roof repair service to quickly cure your roofing problems.

If you are in need of roof maintenance, get in touch here and a thorough assessment will be made before discussing treatments and next steps.


If you or a single site or someone looking after a national multi-site portfolio it will always be more beneficial to you and your clients to work in a pro-active rather than reactive mindset. We offer a range of planned maintenance programmes that we can tailor to each individual client needs.

They can include (but are not limited to) items such as:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof condition survey
  • Roof asset report
  • Mansafe system inspections
  • Repairs
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Recommendations & follow on quotations
  • Full photographic evidence of any work and findings

Planned programmes would come with a full detailed report which would enable you to take control of any expected future issues. The planned maintenance reports are often beneficial for future budget planning within a business and reduces any unexpected reactive spend considerably.

Roof Light Replacement

Roof skylights are often referred to as roof-lights and their sole purpose is to allow daylight to shine through a roof and into a building. Natural light into buildings can offer companies a number of benefits; reduced energy costs and improved employee performance.

Damaged and heavy discoloured roof lights can cause a number of problems for companies, including increased energy bills and costs associated with leaking roof lights. Over time roof-lights can discolour, warp and break. Unfortunately, roof-lights are also often the most fragile part of a roof surface and can be dangerous if accessed by somebody that hasn’t been sufficiently trained in roof work.

We offer roof light replacement systems for any type of industrial roof.

We also provide Fix-safe roof light replacement. This product allows for roof lights to be replaced from the underside of the roof. Meaning the work can safely be carried out from a MEWP, whilst saving money on netting and scaffolding.

We can supply and install new roof-lights to match the existing roof profile as well as refurbish, repair and replace any skylights. This service includes working on asbestos roofs which often have skylights that have become severely discoloured or fragile over time and are no longer efficient.

It is also now possible to install step safe roof-lights to reduce risk and increase safety for anyone accessing your roof to carry out maintenance activities or repairs.

Step safe roof-lights or man-safe systems are also often considered to enable safer future maintenance of each site. Roof-light covers can also be incorporated for additional safety or security if required.

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